Courses offered

The following three year (6 Semesters) Diploma Courses are offered by Vivekananda Polytechnic, with intake as approved by AICTE:

1. Civil Engineering (General) Intake     120
2. Electronic & Communication Engineering Intake     60
3. Mechanical Engineering (General) Intake     60
4. Computer Science & Engineering Intake     60
5. Information Science and Technology Intake     60
6. Automobile Engineering Intake     60

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is well known as queen of Engineering because it is one of the broadest engineering branches. This includes the study of modern power plants, automotive engines, design of mechanical components. Air conditioning, Refrigeration, modern Machines used in manufacturing etc. importance has given to develop computer skills also. Like basic computer skills, Auto cad, […]

Automobile Engineering

The history of Automobile actually began about 4000years ago when the first wheel was used for transportation in India. With the entrance of 21 century the motor car developments have been upgraded in such a way that all kinds of amenities of office as well as luxury of home are being installed into motor car. […]

Computer Science / Information Science

Computers have found their way into almost all walks of life. Diverse area like work processing, financial accounting, travel reservation, Desktop publishing, Computer aided design, Computer aided manufacturing, the list is practically endless. Computer technocrats apply the principles and techniques of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing and evaluation of […]

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The purview of Electronics and Communication Engineering includes designing, fabrication, testing, maintenance, supervision, and manufacture of electronic equipments used in the entertainment media, hospitals (Medical Electronics,), Computer & control systems, and broadcast & communication systems and in defense. The focus is on understanding electronic devices, electromagnetic field theory, computer fundamentals and microprocessors, signal processing, communication […]

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering, considered one of the oldest engineering disciplines, encompasses many specialties. Civil engineers design and supervise construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, water supply and sewage systems. The major specialties within civil engineering are structural, environmental, water resources, construction, transportation and Geo-technical engineering. The Civil Engineers’ positions range from supervisory to administrative […]

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