Students admitted to the Polytechnic shall be subject to the Discipline of the Institution as prescribed by the Principal.
Parents/guardians of the students are advised to keep in touch with the Heads of Department/Principal regarding the progress and conduct of their wards.


Students shall get the prescribed uniform stitched within 7 days from the date of admission and shall wear ONLY the prescribed uniform daily till they take transfer certificate from the Institute.

 Students are also required to wear the prescribed uniform when they are on industrial training and industrial visit, when they are representing the institution or taking part in inter-collegiate competitions and during the campus interviews.

Students not wearing the prescribed uniform will not be allowed into the campus

Identity card

Each and every student have to obtain his/her Identify card duly signed by the Principal and every student must wear his/her Identity card in the campus.

Students not wearing the identity cards will not be allowed into the campus


Every student is required to be disciplined and to have decorous behaviour both inside and outside the campus and not to indulge in activities which will tend to bring down the prestige of the institution.

Students are expected to be courteous to the teaching and non-teaching staff and to their fellow students.

Students are strictly forbidden from smoking anywhere in the college premises.

Students are not allowed to carry mobile phones inside the campus and its use in the class room/laboratory/workshop/library/examination hall is strictly forbidden. If anybody violates this, his/her mobile phone will be confiscated and a fine up to Rs.1,000/- will be imposed on him/her.

Any misbehaviour with the students of opposite sex and fellow students in and out of the campus will entail suspension/dismissal from the institution.

Students are not allowed to organize or attend any meeting in the institution without getting prior permission of the Principal.

Students must maintain discipline in class rooms, workshop, laboratories, sports field, canteen, etc. and observe rules prescribed from time to time.

Students should not scribble or in any way deface or damage walls, floors, desks, drawing boards, drinking water coolers, water taps and toilet facilities. They must take extreme care to see that cleanliness is maintained in the class rooms, laboratories, workshop, toilets, canteen etc. and in the entire campus.

Any student causing damage to equipment, apparatus, books, furniture, building or property of the institution, staff or students will be imposed severe penalty and disciplinary action.

Any act of indiscipline and non-compliance with Rules and Regulations including any physical fights or wordy quarrel between students when brought to the attention of the Principal, the matter will be referred to the Discipline and Welfare Committee. Depending on the recommendation of the Discipline and Welfare committee students involved will have to face the penalty such as fine, suspension from the classes or even dismissal from the institution.

Any student who is persistently insubordinate or repeatedly or willfully mischievous or has committed an act of serious indiscipline or misbehaviour or who in the opinion of the institution has an adverse influence on the fellow students may be expelled permanently or removed from the rolls for a specified period by the Principal.

Students should not remain in the institution without any valid reason after the classes are over.

A student should not take any material belonging to the fellow student without his or her knowledge and permission. Any violation of this will be considered as an act of indiscipline.

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